A scuba diver observes an Eagle Ray in Cozumel
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jerry mixan: I just wanted to comment on the dive that my son and I had with your Deep Blue staff. The dives were exactly what we wanted. The dive at Palencar reef (horseshoe) was amazing with all the coral structures. Tim, our dive master, was very good. He was one of the better dive masters that I have dove with. He was experienced, friendly and entertaining.....THANKS AGAIN, an experience to last a lifetime.

diane harter: Just to let you know we had a fantastic time on our dive.The crew was very friendly and professional.We will always use your company when we come back.And let our friends know about you also.

Kelly Simmons: I had a wonderful time diving when I was in Cozumel. Vollrath was the most excellent Dive Master I have had yet in my 21 years of diving (I have had some real show-off, jerks, most of the time). I liked the way he spoke with us before each dive and reminded us of important "things" without being hard and tough and talking down at us. The review was great! I really appreciated the way he handled the situation when my regulator hose snapped. Things went very well for me/us and I thoroughly enjoyed my dives with your company. The diving spots were phenomenal and we saw a whole lot of "cool stuff". This was my third time to Cozumel. When I come back, I will be sure and hook up with you folks again.

elaine hedlund: Just want to thank you guys for such great experience...
I was in Cozumel in December 2009 and got certified for Open Water with Allen. He is an amazing, careful and friendly instructor. After that, I went to two more dives with Luis, who is a bold, fun  and  careful professional.
Both of them made me feel safe (specially Allen) and after being able to relax more, I had the most wonderful experiences in my life. Tim was great as well and made us feel at home. Chono was fun and a very capable captain.I certainly recommend Deep Blue to all my friends. Thank you all!!

Blair Sherman: I had the great pleasure of diving with Volrath, Luis, Allen, Tim, and one other divemaster who was also really, great at his job. I apologize, but I think his name was Rodrigo? I believe he’s somewhat new to the shop, new to me anyhow. These guys are really impressive, and it’s one of the things that keeps me coming back to Deep Blue. In 5 years, they’ve always had great talent there. This trip, I saw more amazing professionalism. I witnessed Tim turn a situation that could have resulted in a bad (read fatal) accident into a "ho-hum, no big deal". He knew there was a problem before the diver knew there was a problem. I saw Volrath effectively handle some divers that would have had me red faced and screaming. He did this with the most incredible patience. Allen took myself and a very newbie friend on a couple of dives that were perfectly suited to what we needed. (long story there) Luis was his usual great self and the "new" guy blew me away. Where do they keep finding these guys? ALL of the DMs were outstanding. There was also a DM student there, Daniel, who helped me out on occasion and was a pleasure to dive with.

Chris Hardine: I wanted to take a minute to thank Deep Blue for another wonderful dive last May. Your dive masters have always made me, my son and daughter feel very safe and secure. Your knowledge of the sport and the areas you take us makes for a safe perfect dive. We will see you again soon!!

Wiley Faust: I went to Cozumel on 09-24-08 and dove with your dive master on a two tank dive. I wanted to write to tell everyone at Deep Blue "THANK YOU SO MUCH". It was the BEST experience of my life. Everyone was friendly and helpful and they made me feel like we had been best friends for life. I can not wait until I can come back and dive with you again. Once again, thank You.

Todd Koechlein: Just wanted to touch base and say thank you. We had a good time diving with your outfit. We enjoyed the small boats and professional staff. We have been diving for years and felt your company was among the best.

Karen Shewfelt: Thank you & Allen for such a great experience!
You & your staff were always courteous and helpful. The treatment was awesome.
Allen did a super job with the kids. We ended up cutting our session a bit early, as Allana (our daughter) just tuckered out. We, as in the adults, were so impressed by how Allen worked with the kids to make the feel calm and secure. They both loved the experience and want to do it again. Allana feels she should wait until she’s a little older though. Please pass our gratitude and praise on to your staff! See you again when we come back (not if... when).

Jerry Ruggles: I"m e-mailing you to tell what a good job you’re doing. We have been renting our two units at Residencias Reef (#8340 & 8310) since Aug ’08. My guest always ask who I would recommend for a dive shop, I always tell them Deep Blue. Their comments to me are, "they’ve really enjoyed diving with Deep Blue and thanks very much for recommending them". So, thank you for doing such a good job with your operation, it makes renting my units easier when I can recommend well run business there.

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