Closeup of a small fish peeking out of the coral reefs in Cozumel Island
DIVING: dventurous Scuba diving
A look into the cavern diving along the Maya coast

Diving the Cenotes along teh Maya coast

A green sea turtle floats above a scuba diver

The tail end of a nurse shark swimming away from the underwater photographer

Adventurous Scuba Diving in Cenotes and Caverns

For those seeking SOMETHING DIFFERENT in Cozumel Diving, here are some exciting options:


The largest underground river system in the world, the “d’zenots” in Maya, “cenotes” in Spanish, is the main attraction for scuba divers visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Centuries ago, rain water on its way to the Caribbean Sea formed cavities in the limestone of the Yucatan Peninsula by hollowing out caves, creating fantastic formations. When parts of the caves grew too large, their ceiling collapsed and cenotes and sinkholes were formed.

The gentle current and mild water temperature (about 75º F / 24º C) create a perfect underwater environment for divers of all experience levels which offers endless opportunities for spectacular underwater photography.

Unlike cave diving, which demands advanced technical training and highly specialized gear, cavern, or cenote diving requires only an Open Water certification.

You would take the 8:00 am ferry from Cozumel and be greeted at the ferry pier in Playa del Carmen by our sister company and transported from there to the first cenote site, then you will be given a light lunch and beverages and do your second dive at a different location, then back to the ferry pier in Playa for a return to Cozumel on the 4 or 5 pm ferry.

Cenote Dive: $130 per person
Cenote Snorkel: $65 per person

You will be responsible for the ferry ticket which is about $12 US each
way per person.


Explore the lesser known and less visited reefs on the far South like Punta Sur, Maracaibo and Chunchakaab, and Barracuda and San Juan to the North. We schedule more trips to these sites than any other shop in Cozumel.

These sites are for advanced divers only due to stronger currents, depth, narrow swim-thru’s, etc. You will be required to dive with us before we take you to these sites.

See Dive Packages for pricing information.


We’ll take you through the Mayan jungle to a remote location for a unique long bottom time dive. We provide lunch, all the refreshments you need, and all the fun you can handle. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to do and see something different.

Few divers get to see this part of the island. Minimum of 10 people required. It’s not offered all year, so please be sure and inquire about this ahead of time.

Departure Time is 9:00 a.m. and we’ll have you back by 5:00 or 6:00p.m. - A FULL DAY OF FUN!!!!

Divers we’ve taken on this trip have all agreed it was the highlight of their vacation and a day they’ll never forget!

Secret Dive: $150 per person