Scuba diving wetsuits and equipment rentals at Deep Blue Scuba Cozumel
DIVING: Scuba diving Equipment rentals
Get AquaLung equipment at Deep Blue Cozumel

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving fins equipment rental

SeaQuest aqualung equipment rental

Excellent sucba diving rental gear serviced regularly in-house.

Deep Blue Cozumel Diving Equipment Room

Aqualung regulators and BCD’s
Computer Guages standard on all regulators for maximum bottom time.
Full and shortie wetsuits.

Item Cost/day
BCD + Regulator (w/computer)   $10
Full Set (M/F/S,BCD, Regulator)   $12
BCD, Regulator & Wetsuit   $14
Full Set + Wetsuit   $18
BCD $6
Regulator w/Computer Gauges $8
Mask / Snorkel $4
Fins $4
Wet Suit $7
Underwater Light   $10
100 cubic ft. Tank $7
NITROX Tank (32% or 36%)   $12
NITROX Tank-Custom Blend Please Inquire