Closeup of a small fish peeking out of the coral reefs in Cozumel Island
DIVING: Scuba diving packages for certified divers
PADI Scuba Diving instruction

NAUI Scuba Diving instruction

Dvie SSI Scuba Diving instruction

Learn to dive or improve your skills with our highly qualified PADI, NAUI and SSI Instructors.

A diver is receiving PADI instruction and learning how to navigate underwater Advanced diving certification requires knowing how to use a compass Instructor and student reviewing PADI instructions

All Courses include Equipment and Instruction Materials

Course Cost Description Duration
Resort Course $75 Basic Introduction to Scuba Diving - 1 beach dive 2-3 hrs
Boat Resort $115 2-tank boat dive after Resort Course 4 hrs.
Refresher $70 Refresh basic skills - 1 beach dive 2-3 hrs.
Open Water Referral $230 Final 4 Open Water Dives - 2 from the beach and 2 from the boat 2 days
Open Water Diver $420 Become a Certified Diver - total of 7 dives, 5 from the beach and 2 from the boat 4 days
Advanced Open Water $400 Improve Open Water skills - 5 dives (2 mandatory and 3 electives) 2-3 days
Emergency First Responder $150 Medical First Aid - Pre-requisite for Rescue Course 2 days
Rescue $400 Emergency and Rescue skills - from the beach 2-3 days
Dive Master Please Inquire Expand dive knowledge, leadership skills, and assist Instructors - 12 - 15 dives / beach and boat 12-15 days
NITROX Specialty $250 Qualifies you to dive with Nitrox tanks up to 40% oxygen - includes 2-tank boat dive 2 days

Specialty Courses

Course Cost Description Duration
Other Specialties Please Inquire Drift, Deep, Night, Wreck, Photographer, etc. Varies