photo by Eve Ackerman  
As a result of a local social movement, and by presidential order, the Marine Park of Cozumel was created on July 19, 1996. It is dedicated to the protection, conservation, and restoration of the natural resources, and the regulation of activities, in order to preserve this important ecosystem.

With an area of 29,621 acres (12,000 hectares), this Park includes the federal maritime zone, as well as rocky and sandy beaches, mangroves and palm groves that support important biological communities. There are 26 types of corals, with over 100 subspecies, and 500 fish species, some endemic to the island like the famous Splendid Toadfish.

Programs that protect Cozumel's Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Green turtles have significantly increased their population, and as a result can be seen frequently by divers.

Daily Park monitoring activities ensure an accurate and current diagnosis of the state of the reef, and provide vital information for its preservation programs and scientific research.


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